CCUnit  2.1
A C Unit Testing Library
 全て データ構造 ファイル 関数 変数 型定義 列挙型 列挙型の値 マクロ定義 グループ ページ
oC_CCUnitFuncDefTest func definition information
oC_CCUnitLineRead line
oC_CCUnitTestCaseDefTest case definition information
oC_CCUnitTestDefTest definition information
oC_CCUnitTestSuiteDefTest suite definition information
oCCCUnitListList container
oCCCUnitListCellList Cell class
oCCCUnitListIteratorList iterator
oCCCUnitTestRun Test and collect its results
oCCCUnitTestCaseWraps a test case with setUp and tearDown function
oCCCUnitTestCaseDfnTestCase definition structure
oCCCUnitTestFailureCollects a failed test together with the failed assertion
oCCCUnitTestFuncA single test function object
oCCCUnitTestListenerA Listener for test progress
oCCCUnitTestResultCollects the results of a test case
oCCCUnitTestRunnerRuns a single test and collects its results
oCCCUnitTestSuiteA Composite class of Tests
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